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Abacus Indoor AR App

Released Date: Unknown

Omnitoons developed an Indoor Augmented Reality event application for the Abacus AIC 2010 held in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam. With the use of a customized Content Management System that enables real-time updates of the content and QR codes to detect the user’s location, we were able to show the augmented reality tags of each booth, which contains the information of each exhibitor. QR codes were used to constantly update a user’s location even without the use of GPS, a user can go to any point of the exhibition hall and they would still see the AR tags of the application.


  • Real time updating of information/schedule of the event and location
  • Caching of information in the app which allows offline access
  • Exhibitor information with click to call/email function
  • Downloadable brochures of exhibitors to the application
  • Real time updates in the images of the event gallery
  • Indoor Augmented Reality feature