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An iPhone App with a Heart

Released Date: Singapore, 26 Aug 2010

Freshly debuting on the App store, Good Call comes with a powerful social motive- spread the love. Determined to reconnect people, the app prompts the user to make one Good Call every day, be it to send regards to a loved one or to catch up with an old friend. The social-conscious initiative for Bahrain Telecom, Batelco was conceptualized by FP7/BAH Ad Agency and homegrown mobile app developers, Omnitoons developed the iPhone and Android Good Call app.

No SMSing, No Writing “You Are Missed” On Facebook Walls and No Tweeting.

Good Call wants to revive a concept which is rapidly becoming extinct- the social call. Good Call urges the user to get personal by actually picking up the phone to make a call and voicing out concern. With every download, Good Call hopes to become a social movement that fosters good will, and not just be another app.

"Call Your Mum To Tell Her How Much You Miss Her"

The feature-rich app includes:

  • 30 interesting messages to remind the user to make his Good Call
  • A Good Call meter that tracks the number of calls the user has made
  • A Comment & Chat section to interact with friends have Good Call
  • A Share feature that allows user to create awareness about the Good Call movement, via Facebook, Twitter, SMS and email
  • A Leaderboard a user can use to motivate himself to make a Good Call and be amongst the Top 10 Good Callers
  • A Statistics chart to see the number of Good Callers in this movement