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Say It Right

Released Date: Unknown

Did I say that word right? This sign sounds funny, any way to really know if it is correct?

Well now you can know for sure and improve your English on a day-to-day basis. Omnitoons has developed “Say It Right”, an SPH app that helps you to speak English correctly in a number of ways. The app is in line with the Speak Good English campaign which is a nationwide movement to encourage Singaporeans to speak grammatically correct English.

The app allows you to improve your English in these ways:

Look at a regularly updated list of words to know their meaning, and of course their correct pronunciation.

Whether it is a word or a funny signboard you see on the road, send in a question to “English as it is broken”, a Stomp online English resource to help you determine the correct usage of that specific English word or phrase. Consequently, you may view all the answers to the questions of others as well as your own.

Finally, users may visit the Speak Good English website to learn more about the movement, its latest events and news. There are also various free courses and lessons to help you improve your English.

The Say it Right application can be downloaded at:

For more information about the Speak Good English movement, please visit